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Complete and submit a separate reservation request for each room needed, unless the day, time and campus are identical for each room.

It is your responsibility to follow the Facility Use Policy and Guidelines.

Please understand completing this form is only a request for space. A confirmation will be issued once the reservation is finalized.

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Carefully read the Facility Use Policy and Guidelines below.  You must agree to all terms.  You are responsible for ensuring all policies and guidelines are followed.

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 Facility Use Policy:   ..:: Read Carefully ::..
Legacy Christian Church (LCC) has been richly blessed by the Lord with wonderful grounds and facilities with which to serve Him. It is our desire to share this blessing with the Church and our community. Growing ministries and a growing church family have necessitated the adaptation of these guidelines in order that all facilities can be used and enjoyed to the fullest extent with the fullest efficiency. The following scheduling priorities have been established and will govern all decisions concerning the building use:
  1. The first purpose and priority of our buildings is to serve the church body as a whole. Church-wide activities will always be given top priority in building use (may be scheduled 12 months prior to event date). In some cases, such activities may bump previously scheduled events to another area of the building or, in rare occasions, even to another date.

  2. Our second scheduling priority will be the regular ongoing activities of the church’s recognized ministry groups (youth, choirs, etc.).

  3. The church does not rent out any of her facilities or equipment. However, it is our desire to serve the community and thus, under special conditions our facilities may be available for not-for-profit, non-church activities. These activities must be officially scheduled and then sponsored by an active member of LCC (may be scheduled six (6) months prior to event date). Such activities will be approved through the office based on space availability. The sponsoring member is expected to be present at the activity and accepts responsibility for proper clean up and for adherence to the facility use guidelines.

  4. All requests for scheduling must be made online at www.lcc.org using the proper forms and must be approved by the Executive Director of Administration or his designee.

  5. Please remember to book a separate room for childcare if necessary. Each ministry or event is responsible for recruiting childcare workers and complying with the LCC Childcare Policy.

 Facility Use Guidelines:  ..:: Read Carefully ::..
  1. Security lock-up is at 10:00 PM. Special arrangements should be made if your activity will conclude later than this time.

  2. Tables and chairs should not be moved from one room to another without prior authorization.


  4. No alcoholic beverages are allowed in our facilities or on the grounds of LCC.


    • Tables and counters should be wiped down.

    • Floors picked up from all trash and debris.

    • Trash in trash containers.
      (Trash liners are not waterproof, so please empty all cups before throwing away.)

    • Utensils cleaned and properly stored.

  6. Smoking is prohibited in our facilities and on the grounds of LCC.


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